Clear Muscle Next Gen is more cost-effective as well as convenient

clear muscle next gen

Clear Muscle Next Gen is Muscletech’s sequel to its original muscle building supplement Clear Muscle, powered by the patented BetaTOR HMB free acid. The Next Gen version is an improvement on the original featuring the same dose of BetaTOR plus betaine, and all squeezed into a smaller single-capsule serving.

It turns out the additional ingredient and more convenient serving size aren’t the only improvements Muscletech has made for Clear Muscle Next Gen. The veteran brand has also given it a price tag that makes the sequel muscle builder more cost-effective than its predecessor which is $59.99 a bottle at

Muscletech’s Clear Muscle Next Gen is now available in stores and is $10 cheaper than the original on the brand’s website at $49.99 for a 28 serving bottle. As mentioned, the new version has the same amount BetaTOR per serving as well as the same amount of servings per bottle, and you get that added betaine.