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Myoblox drops the full formula behind its superfood supplement Martian

myoblox martian

Myoblox revealed earlier this month that it is launching an all-new superfood supplement named Martian featuring a comprehensive formula providing digestive enzymes, antioxidants, and prebiotics. The brand has now confirmed a more exact launch for the product of the first week of July, and it has unveiled the full formula behind it.

We’ve listed the full facts panel behind Myoblox Martian for you directly below, and as you can see, the variety of ingredients in this one is quite extensive. Each serving comes with a 1.525g greens blend with the likes of kale, spinach, and artichoke, as well as a 975mg berry blend including blueberry, mangosteen, and jabuticaba.

myoblox martian

Also in the mix is the widely used Spectra fruits and greens blend at a strong dose of 250mg, although on Martian’s label it is listed with the title “Rainbow Matrix”. The supplement is essentially an all-out superfood formula, which is exactly what the brand said it would be, and as previously confirmed it will be launching in a Pepino Lemonade flavor.