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MyoBlox introduces a bunch of new flavors with its Skywalk 6.0

myoblox skywalk

MyoBlox has launched a new version of its popular nootropic formula, the mental focus enhancing supplement Skywalk. It is the sixth iteration of the product and has brought with it a whole bunch of new flavors to choose from including Purple Haze, Peach Rings, Apple Caramel, and the uniquely named Smart As FK.

Like the many versions before it, MyoBlox Skywalk 6.0 promises a comprehensive focus experience with more benefits than the typical nootropic formula. It is designed to deliver cognitive energy, enhanced mood, laser focus, improved mental drive and memory, and all without any crash.

myoblox skywalk

You can see the full list of ingredients MyoBlox has packed into its newest Skywalk above including a heavy 3g of tyrosine, n-methyl-tyramine, and a total of 200mg of caffeine. Well put together energy and focus supplements like this are always great for things like study, gaming, work, or whenever you need a boost for your body and mind.

If you head on over to the MyoBlox online store on its website at, you will find the new Skywalk 6.0 in stock and available for purchase. The price on the product is $44.99 for a full-size tub with a total of 36 servings, although you’ll only get 18 servings out of it if you take the maximum serving.