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Raze Energy is getting its first-ever limited edition flavor for 4th Of July

4th of july raze energy

One of the best-tasting energy drinks currently on the market, REPP Sports’ Raze Energy, is getting its first-ever limited edition flavor in celebration of Independence Day. This year the 4th of July holiday falls on a Thursday, which is exactly seven weeks away from today.

REPP Sports’ special edition product is of course fully colored in red, white and blue, with the can also featuring the Statue Of Liberty right on the front. For now, the name of the limited flavor has not been revealed, although after the brand’s last release turned out to be so unique, we imagine this one will be just as creative.

The 4th Of July edition Raze Energy will have more details shared between now and launch day, although as mentioned that is still quite a few weeks away. We’re definitely excited to see what this one turns out to be, mostly because it is a great tasting drink and REPP Sports has yet to drop a flavor we haven’t enjoyed.