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5% Nutrition’s protein spin-off of Real Carbs is now available in 3 flavors

rich pianas real carbs protein

5% Nutrition has introduced a spin-off of its long-running food formula Real Carbs, that previously and for quite some time, went by the more known name of Real Food. It is a carbohydrate supplement made with only real food ingredients, and now there is a protein-infused version appropriately named Real Carbs + Protein.

The new product keeps with the original’s theme of only including real food ingredients with 20g of protein per serving coming from beef and chickpea protein, and chicken and whole egg powder. Alongside the protein is 30g of carbohydrates with Real Carbs + Protein’s carbohydrate sources being whole grain oats, sweet potatoes, and rice.

rich pianas real carbs protein

As you can see, 5% Nutrition has kept the combination of ingredients in its Real Carbs spin-off pretty straightforward, which was always the case with the original carbohydrate version. The macros do vary across each of Real Carbs + Protein’s three flavor options in Chocolate, Blueberry Cobbler, and Banana Nut Bread although only slightly.

One of the first places stocking 5% Nutrition’s real food supplement is its own online store where it’ll cost you $39.95 for a full-size 22 serving tub. If you also head over there before the end of today, you can take advantage of the brand’s 5%er Day sale where you get 20% off everything except stacks with the coupon “5%DAYSALE”.