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Swole O’Clock is becoming S-Force next week with a new line of watches

s-force watches

The bodybuilding watch company Swole O’Clock has shared a lot more information about its previously teased brand S-Force, and it turns out everything is as we suspected. S-Force is, in fact, the new name of Swole O’Clock, that is due to reveal and release everything it’s been working on in six days.

Along with confirmation of S-Force replacing Swole O’Clock, it has been revealed, that just like Swole O’Clock, S-Force will be a watch company. When it finally launches next week, it’ll introduce a completely new family of products including entirely new collections and designs as well as a bunch of new features.

s-force watches

You can see some of S-Force’s new designs in the images above where it looks like the brand will be keeping with Swole O’Clock’s theme of strong, bold watches. We were already big fans as well as owners of some of Swole O’Clock’s original releases, so we’re excited to see all of the new designs and features it has come up with.

S-Force will be launching its revamped collection of watches through the website, which is where is already directing visitors. The big release is going down on Wednesday the 29th of this month and is only open to those that sign up through before the launch.

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