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Swole O’Clock follows up its clearance sale with an introduction to S-Force

swole o clock s force

The bodybuilding watch brand Swole O’Clock recently launched a huge clearance sale offering a massive 50% off everything. The promotion is still running right now through and as mentioned it is meant to be a clearance sale, saying goodbye to the hugely popular, four-year-old company.

We initially suspected there might be more to the story, as Swole O’Clock closing up shop didn’t sound right to us. The watch company has now shared a very mysterious image and link that suggests we were correct. It does indeed look like Swole O’Clock is saying goodbye, but only to re-emerge as something else.

Swole O’Clock has announced that “A New Force Is Born” and that it’d like to welcome fans and followers to what appears to be a new brand named S-Force. We don’t know anything about S-Force outside of its name and logo, but will definitely be following along to see where this goes and what it turns out to be.

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