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Walmart is now offering free next day delivery without any membership fee

walmart nextday delivery

In the coming days, the major retailer Walmart is going to start offering an awesome and competitive new delivery option through its online store for select locations. The new option is named NextDay delivery, where qualifying orders will be delivered free the day after they’re placed.

To start, Walmart’s NextDay option is going to be available on about 220,000 different items, although the list is quite comprehensive including things like diapers and electronics. We suspect there will be supplements that make the cut, although we won’t be able to confirm until the update rolls out.

walmart nextday delivery

To qualify for NextDay, the total amount of your order also needs to add up to over $35. For regular supplement users that won’t be too difficult, although to make the new option even more attractive there is no membership fee involved. You just need to buy qualifying items that total more than $35 and live in an area where NextDay is available.

Walmart is going to begin offering free NextDay delivery to online shoppers located in Phoenix and Las Vegas, then Southern California in the days to follow. The expansion will continue throughout the year with Walmart aiming to reach 75% of the US population by the end of 2019.

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