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Black Magic Brain Waves Review: Full-on focus with smooth energy

black magic brain waves review

Brain Waves is one of the first supplements Black Magic Supply released when it initially hit the market near the end of last year. The brand’s lineup has always had well put together products, which is certainly the case for Brain Waves as it is without a doubt one of the most effective focus formulas we’ve ever had.

Black Magic has packed Brain Waves with a fairly solid mix of ingredients, some of which are transparently dosed while the rest are in a proprietary blend. As good as it looks on paper, the supplement delivers even better in real-world use, providing a strong and comprehensive brain boosting experience.

black magic brain waves review


Before we get into how Black Magic’s Brain Waves feels and performs, we’ll go over the serving size we used as we didn’t take the full four-capsule serving most of the time. Each capsule has 75mg of caffeine and for us, 300mg for things like work, gaming or studying, is a bit too much. We preferred half the amount with a two-capsule serving, and we were not disappointed.

After taking our preferred serving of Brain Waves, it takes about ten or so minutes before a wave of uplifting energy and strong mental focus comes over you. At no point does the energy feel too intense, more like the power of a typical energy drink, with the focus being equally as strong and smooth.

While the energy side of Black Magic’s Brain Waves is pretty straightforward, being enough to wake you up, make you alert, and widen your eyes; the focus side is a lot more complex. Like most effective nootropic products, there are a variety of noticeable effects that come with Brain Waves to make it a truly well-rounded nootropic.

black magic brain waves review

About the time you notice the gradual energy of the Black Magic supplement come over you, you’ll also notice a clearing of the mind. It slowly but surely becomes much easier to think about the job in front of you as well as be able to do that job, whatever it may be, a lot more efficiently.

The clearer thinking and mind efficiency basically supercharge your brain to a level where you can get not some things done, but everything. We noticed better multi-tasking, alertness, connections, concentration, and enhanced cognition. Brain Waves is a truly all-around experience that’s perfect for whenever you need to be at the top of your game mentally.

black magic brain waves review

Another interesting highlight of the Black Magic focus product is how long it lasts. We noticed the elevated effects go for about an hour or two, although after that they don’t just drop off. Brain Waves mostly fades out after delivering at 100% for a couple of hours, which then takes another hour or two before bringing you back down to normal.

Black Magic Brain Waves can work as a pre-workout as well, which we did use it for and still found that half-size, two-capsule serving to be more than enough despite typically preferring more caffeine. It actually pairs very nicely with stimulant free pump pre-workouts for a nice light dose of energy but heavy focus plus intense and concentrated pumps.


If it wasn’t clear by all of the words above, we consider Black Magic’s nootropic supplement to be one of the best on the market providing a productive, well-rounded focus driven experience. Brain Waves includes all of the benefits you could want when it comes to boosting your brain and getting things done, and it is available internationally in the UK as well as the US.