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Russian brand Bombbar releases nut butters enriched with whey isolate

chikalab high protein nut butter

The functional food company Bombbar based in Russia, is a relatively creative brand that has a great selection of unique and tasty products. This week it has added another two items to its delicious looking and fast-growing lineup, both of which come under Bombbar’s spin-off brand, Chikalab.

Now available from Bombbar are two Chikalab high protein nut butters, one made with hazelnuts and the other with cashews, and each coming in their own sweet sounding flavor. The spread made with hazelnuts is called Mulatta and is chocolate flavored, while the other one is named Brunetta and is apparently salted caramel flavored.

Neither of Bombbar’s Chikalab nut butters have any added sugar and are also gluten-free and non-GMO. Regarding its macros, a small 15g serving of the delicious product comes with 3.5g of protein, about 5g of fat, less than 2g of carbohydrates, and a total of about 72 calories.

Both Bombbar’s Chikalab Mulatta and Brunette are now in stock and available for purchase from the Russian brand’s website in the same jar size and for the same price. The cost on the nut butters is €5.25 (5.97 USD) each, with free shipping available for orders that total more than €100 (113.68 USD).