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Boneafide combines four ingredients for its new stim-free Boneafide Pump

boneafide pump

In two days on Monday, Boneafide Nutrition is launching its all-new, stimulant free pre-workout supplement simply named Boneafide Pump. Like the title of the product suggests, as well as like most other stimulant-free pre-workouts, Boneafide Pump is designed solely to help enhance muscle pumps while you workout.

Boneafide Nutrition has packed its upcoming supplement with four commonly used pump ingredients, including a truly heavy dose of glycerol monostearate at 5g per serving. The other three features making up Boneafide Pump are 1.5g of the branded Nitrosigine, another 1.5g of arginine AKG, and 6g of citrulline malate.

As mentioned, Boneafide Nutrition plans on unleashing its four-ingredient, and easily stackable pump pre-workout this coming Monday. The product has two flavors to choose from in Fruit Candy and the slightly more mysterious Starnight Candy, as well as an Unflavored option to make stacking it with other supplements a bit easier.

While Boneafide Pump isn’t going to be in stock for another two days, you can now pre-order product directly from the brand’s online store. The supplement will cost you the same as a tub of its stimulant pre-workout $49.99, with Boneafide’s website unfortunately not mentioning how many full servings you actually get per tub.