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Sinob announces a unique Buttermilk Lemon Drop flavor for Honest Whey

buttermilk lemon drop honest whey

This coming Sunday, the German supplement company Sh*t Is Not Your Business, more simply known as Sinob, is dropping a unique new flavor. The brand’s latest creation is for its protein powder Honest Whey+, which is features a blend formula combining the power of whey isolate and whey concentrate.

Sinob’s Honest Whey+ already comes in a number of unique flavors, or at least uniquely named flavors with the likes of Peach Yogurt, Black Forest Milk Cake, and Rice Pudding Cinnamon. The protein powder’s newest option brings out the German brand’s creativity once again with a Buttermilk Lemon Drop.

As mentioned, the all-new Buttermilk Lemon Drop is due to launch this coming Sunday with the fresh and fruity product expected to be available first through the Sinob website.