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The Guerrilla Chemist jams a huge 10.6g of EAAs into Chemix EAA

chemix eaa

Chemix EAA is the amino acid formula from the Guerrilla Chemist’s Chemix brand of supplements, and like all of its other items, it is quite a unique release. Being true to its name, Chemix EAA features all nine essential amino acids and at a dose heavier than most of the EAA products we’ve seen hit the market.

The newest supplement from the Guerrilla Chemist has a huge, combined 10.6g of EAAs per serving, and that 10.6g is not primarily BCAAs. The EAAs in Chemix EAA are broken down into a very specific balance of aminos which you can see in the facts panel below with the BCAAs amounting to 5.1g of that 10.6g.

chemix eaa

As mentioned, Chemix EAA is a rather unique release, although that’s not because of its heavy amount of EAAs. The Guerrilla Chemix product sets itself apart from its competitors by also featuring a recovery and energy blend including the likes of turkey tail and the nootropic lion’s mane.

In terms of size and flavors, Chemix EAA comes with five more servings than its two pre-workouts and intra-workout at a total of 25, and has two creative tastes to choose from in Pineapple Mango and Passion Fruit Cocktail.

If you like the look of Chemix EAA, the brand has teamed up with the retailer Nutrifit for an exclusive pre-order opportunity. You can secure yourself a tub of the supplement today for $40.50 with the coupon code “CHEMIX”, or if you want to grab two tubs there is a twin pack for $80 which doesn’t work with the coupon.

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