The Dough Bar goes big on limited flavors for National Doughnut Day

dough bar doughnut day flavors 2019

Over the years since being introduced to The Dough Bar and its delicious protein packed doughnuts, we’ve seen it celebrate National Doughnut Day pretty intensely. This year the brand is not doing anything differently and has put together a whole bunch of new donut flavors to celebrate the big day, and they’re only available while stocks last.

The Dough Bar has a total of ten new flavors, eight for its original raised protein doughnut and two for its doughier, cake-style doughnut. Like with all of the functional food brand’s regular options, its limited edition National Doughnut Day flavors are delicious and unique creations.

dough bar doughnut day flavors 2019

The raised protein doughnut flavors include Cannoli with real cannoli pieces and chocolate chips, Banana Cream Pie, the chocolate overload recipe Triple Chocolate, and The Vineyard featuring a cherry glaze with toasted almonds.

The other four are Springtime Fine with a honey orange glaze and honey combs, Diamond Head featuring a mango glaze topped with raspberries and coconut, Chocolate Turtle, and Salted Caramel with Cracker Jack bits. As for the two cake doughnut flavors, they are Dragonfruit featuring yogurt chips and Butter Rum with toffee bits.

dough bar doughnut day flavors 2019

As mentioned and as you can see, The Dough Bar’s limited flavors for this year’s National Doughnut Day are quite creative and sound absolutely delicious especially the chocolate filled Triple Chocolate, and the raspberry and coconut creation Diamond Head.

You can order any of the ten protein doughnuts now through the brand’s online store although only while stocks last, so you’ll want to get in sooner rather than later. The Dough Bar has put together variety packs of the new flavors with one of each of the raised doughnut flavors for $29.99, and a four pack with two of each of the cake doughnuts for $15.99.

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