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FBOMB announces its family of pork sticks coming next week

fbomb meat sticks

FBOMB is a brand that is all about healthy fat products with on-the-go sachets filled with things like MCTs, macadamia nut oil, and nut butters. Next week the company is expanding its family of convenient snacks with another high-fat item in FBOMB Meat Sticks made with pork.

The brand plans on releasing its low-carbohydrate product in three different flavors with Smokehouse, Salt & Pepper, and Jalapeno. All of the FBOMB Meat Stick options are going to be naturally flavored and made with no added hormones or antibiotics, and absolutely no artificial ingredients.

The nutrition profile on the FBOMB Meat Sticks will be led by a strong 10g of fat per stick along with a slightly lighter 6g of protein, just a gram of carbohydrates, and a total of 120 calories. As mentioned, FBOMB is looking to launch the product next week through its website with no word yet on its price.

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