Gaspari gets in on the EAA trend with its new amino Proven EAAs

Jun 7th, 2019
gaspari proven eaas

Rich Gaspari’s legacy supplement company Gaspari Nutrition has released a new product for the amino category this week with Proven EAAs. Like with most of the amino supplements entering the market lately, Gaspari Proven EAAs is a full spectrum essential amino acid formula featuring all nine EAAs.

To support muscle repair and recovery, Gaspari Nutrition has packed its all-new Proven EAAs with 9g of EAAs, which is broken down into 6g of BCAAs and a combined 3g from the other six EAAs. The product also comes with a 600mg blend full of electrolytes and pink Himalayan salt to help improve hydration.

gaspari proven eaas

Gaspari Nutrition’s newest supplement is now in stock and available for purchase over on its website at $35.99 for a full tub. An entire bottle of Gaspari Proven EAAs comes with the usual amount of servings at 30, and has two somewhat different flavors to choose from in Guava Nectarine and Blueberry Acai.