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Pulse pre-workout from Legion gets its first non-fruit themed flavor option

legion athletics sour candy pulse

Fans of Legion Athletics now have another flavor to choose from for the brand’s pre-workout Pulse. The new addition to the product is for the regular caffeinated version of Pulse, pushing it up to a total of nine tastes to choose from and keeping the caffeine free spin-off at just two flavors.

Up until now, Legion Athletics’ Pulse only came in fruity flavors with the likes of Green Apple, Tropical Punch, and Cherry Limeade. The supplement’s all-new ninth option brings a change to that pattern as it is Pulse’s first non-fruit themed recipe with the sweet and very different Sour Candy.

You can grab the latest Legion Athletics release today from the brand’s online store or Amazon, with both places pricing around the same at $40. Just like all of Pulse’s other flavors, Sour Candy comes with 21 servings per tub and it is naturally flavored and sweetened with stevia and erythritol.