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Marc Lobliner teams up with Midwest Meals for his very own meal

midwest meals the lobliner

The one and only Marc Lobliner from the brands MTS Nutrition, Outright, and Ambrosia, as well as the retailer tiger Fitness, has partnered with the meal prep company Midwest Meals. The two have teamed up for a new meal called “The Lobliner”, which Marc himself has put together.

Midwest Meals’ newest meal is made up of seasoned tender flank steak, with sweet potato for carbohydrates, and to make it a classic bodybuilding meal there is also broccoli. The nutrition profile on “The Lobliner” is 27g of protein, 35g of carbohydrates, 9g of fat, and a total of 329 calories.

There is also a double option available with twice as much steak that keeps the carbs the same but bumps the protein up to 51g, fat to 17g, and calories to 497. You can order “The Lobliner” now from the Midwest Meals website with the regular at $7.99 and the double just a bit more at $9.50.

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