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Battle Shakers’ first new design is the green and silver Mortar shaker

mortar battle shaker

The weapon-themed shaker company Battle Shakers has dropped its first new design today since debuting its completely custom bottles at last year’s Olympia. The brand said the new release would be its coolest shaker to date, and now that it’s been revealed and released, we do kind of agree.

Now confirmed to be coming soon from Battle Shakers’ and set to join its originals Torpedo, Bullet, Bomb, and Missile is the green and silver Mortar. The product features a green cup and a silver lid and base, with all of the brand’s usual shaker features including a solid and sturdy build, and a leak-proof lid.

You can not yet grab the all-new Mortar Battle Shaker but will be able to sometime soon during the sunny summer season. The stylish two-color shaker will be available first at where the weapon-themed shakers carry a regular price of $15.99 each.

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