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Myprotein follows the collagen trend with its latest US-exclusive product

myprotein collagen protein

Myprotein has launched another supplement exclusively for its growing US fanbase with a type of product we’ve seen quite a lot of over the past few months. The international brand’s latest effort is a simple collagen powdered protein powder with zero carbohydrates and zero fat per serving.

The new and simply named Myprotein Collagen Protein features 20g of hydrolyzed collagen per serving, which in turn provides a reasonable 18g of protein. Like with most of its competitors, the supplement promises to improve and support hair, skin, ligament, and tendon health, as well as reduce joint pain.

The all-new US exclusive Myprotein product is in stock and available for purchase now from in three sizes and one flavor option. The sizes are a 0.55lb bag for $17.99, a 1.1lb for $32.99, and a 2.2lb for $59.99, with the one flavor for all three sizes being a convenient Unflavored option.