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It turns out the coffee isn’t the only CBD product on the way from Outbreak

outbreak chaos by design supplements

It turns out the recently revealed CBD infused ground coffee is far from the only CBD product Outbreak Nutrition has coming down the pipeline. This week the apocalyptic themed brand has unveiled two upcoming capsule formulas both of which incorporate CBD for a different type of experience.

The two supplements outbreak Nutrition has dropped sneak peeks of are both branded as “Chaos By Design”, just like its CBD enriched ground coffee. Their secondary titles are CBD + Focus and CBD + Sleep, the former of course being built to help enhance mental focus and the latter for sleep.

For now, the names and bottle images are all Outbreak Nutrition has shared for CBD + Focus and CBD + Sleep, with no details yet on what’s actually in the products. Regarding their availability, much like the CBD ground coffee, the two capsule formulas are said to launching sometime soon.