Cellucor shares a mysterious website with info about a secret C4 product

Jun 18th, 2019
cellucor project clear evolution

Cellucor, the maker of the hugely popular C4 family of pre-workouts, has shared an extremely mysterious website where you can learn a little bit about a new C4 supplement referred to as Project Clear Evolution. The site features a very undercover type design with a lot of information displayed in a formal folder and file style layout.

You can check out the website for yourself over at projectclearevolution.com and use the code “QCACM KHMKF EOQ” to gain access. Once you’ve entered the code, you’ll be presented with a handful of folders containing seemingly secret Project Clear Evolution documents relating to formulation, testing, and the launch of the mysterious C4 product.

cellucor project clear evolution

Throughout all of the documents, Cellucor has hidden the second half of the new C4 pre-workout’s name, so we know it’ll be called C4 something. We also know the Project Clear Evolution supplement will feature some sort of NO3-T nitrate ingredient just like Cellucor’s regular C4 Original which contains creatine nitrate.

Once you enter and look around projectclearevolution.com you’ll notice that there are both folders you can open and some you can’t. The “Marketing Design” folder is actually something you can unlock by entering your email address, then Cellucor will send you a special code to enter and gain access to extra Project Clear Evolution images and videos.

cellucor project clear evolution

Basically, if you have some spare time today, head on over to projectclearevolution.com and have a look around. There is plenty of mysterious details and information to check out and get ready for what sounds like a very important product for Cellucor.

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