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Introducing That 1 Leg Monster’s R1sing Labs and its four supplements

r1sng labs

R1sing Labs is a new supplement company that just hit the market earlier this year in May and is from the popular powerlifter KC Mitchell, better known as That 1 Leg Monster. The brand is taking on the industry with four different products to start, which cover most the mainstream categories.

That 1 Leg Monster’s four R1sing Labs supplements are the pre-workouts Overkill and the stimulant free Primitive, the amino formula Barricade, and the fat burner Raven. The products all feature pretty solid combinations of ingredients that should make the newcomer a reasonably fierce competitor.

r1sng labs

R1sing Labs’ stimulant pre-workout Overkill comes with a strong mix of energy, focus, and performance enhancing ingredients. The brand’s other pre-workout Primitive, which can be stacked with Overkill, features a stimulant free combination consisting of pump boosting ingredients such as citrulline and agmatine.

As for R1sing Labs’ Barricade, that follows the current amino trend and packs a full blend of all nine essential amino acids, while Raven comes with ingredients to increase energy as well as support weight loss. The products are also all open and honest, and list the exact amounts of each ingredient on their labels, with no proprietary blends.

r1sng labs

For more information on That 1 Leg Monster’s R1sing Labs, check out the brand’s website where you can, of course, purchase any of the supplements as well. The products are all fairly priced considering you’re buying directly from the brand and it has sales offering as high as 25% discount.