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Gaming giant Razer gets into the supplement game with Respawn

The gaming giant Razer, who is widely known for its sleek and stylish, black and green gaming hardware, has introduced its first-ever consumable product and it is a supplement. The item is appropriately named Razer Respawn, which neatly ties it in with the gaming world and is designed to help with energy and mental focus.

The gaming company’s new supplement comes in powder form that you simply mix together with water and drink for its promoted benefits. Razer Respawn is a bit different from most powder supplements and actually comes in a stylishly branded box of 20 stick packs, with each stick packed with one full serving.

razer respawn

Razer Respawn refers to itself right on its packaging as a mental performance drink mix with ingredients to support reaction time and mental stamina, and as mentioned, energy and mental focus. The product has zero sugar and comes in four flavors with Green Apple, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Pineapple, and Pomegranate Watermelon.

Regarding the combination of ingredients in Razer Respawn, to deliver its gaming enhancing effects, it includes a handful of B vitamins, choline, ginger, caffeine, and green tea. Each single-serving stick pack of the gaming supplement has a reasonable total of 95mg of caffeine, which is just a bit more than a can of Red Bull and a bit less than a Monster Ultra.

razer respawn

With the category of gaming supplements becoming more and more competitive, it is great to see a brand from outside of the industry jump in and take it on, especially one of Razer’s size. While it may not have the variety of ingredients we usually see in gaming products, Respawn will no doubt introduce supplements to an all-new audience.

Respawn is available for purchase in the US only starting today for $24.99 per 20 serving box from Razer’s website as well as the major retailer Amazon. The brand has also put together a matte black, insulated and stainless-steel shaker for use with the supplement that costs a little more than Respawn at $29.99 each.