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Ryse plans to change the industry with its Project Blackout pre-workouts

ryse project blackout

The up and coming company Ryse has announced it’s releasing a unique new line of supplements called Project Blackout. The new series is going to be a more hardcore, intense set of products compared to its current offerings, with two different formulas in a stimulant heavy pre-workout and a pump focused pre-workout.

Ryse is confidently saying that its Project Blackout products “will 100% change the industry”, which is a bold statement that we’ve only ever seen a few brands follow through on. We’ll have to wait to see the formulas behind the supplements before we know just how industry changing Project Blackout will be, but it does sounding exciting.

Another detail Ryse has revealed about the hardcore series is that both of its pre-workouts are going to be safe to take for sports and are being produced in an Informed Choice facility. More information on Project Blackout is expected to be available soon with an official launch date due to be confirmed next week.