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Swedish Supplements revamps its immune support formula Immuno

swedish supplements immuno

The obviously named supplement brand Swedish Supplement, has updated its immune support product Immuno this month with a new look and formula. Regarding its design, the brand has switched the supplement to a brighter color scheme with a mostly white label and a streak of green through the middle.

As for the revamped formula behind Swedish Supplements’ new Immuno, it still intends to help boost your immune system. The ingredients and doses making up the reformulated product are 3g of the amino acid lysine as well as 4g of glutamine, 20mg of zinc, a solid gram of vitamin C, and finally 250mg of Wellmune WGP.

At the moment we can’t see any Swedish Supplements stores and stockists online with the new Immuno, but they should have it soon. The Sweden-based brand completely unveiled the product just this week and already has it replacing the previous Immuno on its own website, although you can’t purchase it direct.