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VMI Sports launches an 8 ingredient product to support prostate health

vmi sports prostate

One of the busier brands in the industry this year, VMI Sports, is back this week with another entirely new supplement for 2019 simply called Prostate. As you could probably guess, the latest product from the brand is intended to support prostate health and comes with eight main ingredients to do just that.

You can see the full formula behind VMI Sports Prostate in its fully transparent facts panel below including 200mg of stinging nettle, 350mg of boswellia, and 250mg of beta-sitosterol (45%). The potential benefits the brand promotes for the supplement include support for urinary health and healthy hormone production.

vmi sports prostate

Fans of VMI Sports as well as anyone interested in its new Prostate product, can grab it now through at the reasonable price of $29.99 per bottle. You get a total of 90 capsules in each full-size bottle, so that $29.99 will buy you enough of the supplement to last the usual 30 days.

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