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4+ puts a multi-vitamin formula into an innovative triple-layer tablet


CronoVitamin is a rather interesting, all-new product from the Italian supplement company 4+ Nutrition. Formula wise, CronoVitamin features ingredients we’ve seen many times before with a variety of vitamins and minerals. What makes it different is that it comes in a triple-layer tablet.

The way the new 4+ Nutrition product works is, each layer is made with its own individual set of ingredients that release after a specific time. The first of CronoVitamin’s three layers begins releasing about five minutes after taking it, and contains a handful of B vitamins plus magnesium for energy and fatigue reduction.

The next layer of 4+ Nutrition’s unique multi-vitamin is for cognition, releasing in about 45 minutes and includes six minerals with the likes of zinc, iron, and selenium. The third and final layer releases after between four to six hours and contains vitamins A, C, D and E, as well as biotin and calcium.

As mentioned, while the ingredients in CronoVitamin are fairly common, the format 4+ Nutrition has produced the supplement in is very unique. Fans of the brand in Italy can purchase the new product now from 4+ Nutrition’s online store at the reasonable price of €15 (16.71 USD) for a full 30 serving box.