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Alpha Lion teases some sort of 2lb size supplement for later this month

alpha lion possible protein

Alpha Lion has dropped a mostly blacked out teaser of its next new supplement, just a week after launching its limited edition Freedom Juice pre-workout for 4th Of July. The product appears to be coming in a traditional 2lb tub size, which leads us to believe the upcoming release is going to be a heavy type supplement.

Based on the size of the product in Alpha Lion’s teaser, we’re guessing the mystery item will be an intra-workout, something in the area of protein, or even a carbohydrate powder. All of those types of supplements can feature heavy formulas, enough to fill a 2lb tub, although our guess is that it’s some sort of protein powder.

The reason we’re saying Alpha Lion’s next big launch is going to be a protein product is that it’s a category the brand is not yet competing in, and it is one of the most popular in the industry. Alpha Lion is also saying the mystery supplement is going to be one of its biggest releases to date, which further suggest it’s for a major category.

Knowing Alpha Lion and looking at all of its other products, whatever the product turns out to be, it’ll likely feature a solid formula. The brand plans on dropping the supplement later this month and will be completely unveiling it sometime between now and then.

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