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Blackstone confirms 3 of the 6 ingredients in its upcoming Hype Reloaded

blackstone hype reloaded

A couple of months ago in May, Blackstone Labs revealed a new version of its pump pre-workout Hype that was said to be launching at some point named Hype Reloaded. While the brand has still yet to make the supplement available for purchase, it has now confirmed half of its ingredients and doses.

Blackstone Labs’ upcoming Hype Reloaded is said to be its best pump formula to date, even better than its original Hype and Hype Extreme. In total, the product will feature six main ingredients, three of which we can confirm in 2g of glycerol, 6g of citrulline malate, and 300mg of the focus ingredient alpha-GPC.

While Blackstone Labs may not have revealed the entire formula behind Hype Reloaded, the ingredients it has shared give us a much better idea on what we’re for. The three features we know of, confirm the pre-workout is built for more than just muscle pumps, including support for better mental focus as well.

We’re still not sure when Blackstone Labs plans on dropping its latest and greatest Hype product, although with half of its ingredients unveiled, we have to imagine it’ll be soon.

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