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Bodylab puts together a creative BCAA flavor for the summer season

bodylab tropical ice cream bcaa

The Denmark-based company Bodylab has put together a refreshing new flavor for its obviously named and straightforward supplement called BCAA. The brand’s ingredient-named BCAA features exactly what it says in its title with branched chain amino acids at a dose of 2.6g per serving at a traditional 2:1:1 leucine to valine to isoleucine ratio.

Bodylab’s new flavor for BCAA is themed around Denmark’s current bright and sunny, summer season, and is only going to be available for a limited time. The brand’s release is a Tropical Ice Cream BCAA, which comes with the product’s usual 60 servings per tub and is now on sale for cheaper than any of BCAA’s other flavors at 129 DKK (19.58 USD).

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