Bulk Muscle XL on the way from BPI with 50g of protein and 820 calories

Jul 13th, 2019
bpi sports bulk muscle xl

An all-new version of BPI Sports’ mass gainer Bulk Muscle is coming soon with an even higher calorie supplement called Bulk Muscle XL. The product features a pretty straightforward combination of ingredients with simple sources of protein and carbohydrates for a hefty nutrition profile.

BPI Sports’ upcoming Bulk Muscle XL provides a huge 50g of protein per triple-scoop serving with whey concentrate as the main source. Alongside the protein is 141g of carbohydrates from maltodextrin, 9g of sugar, a light 6g of fat, and a heavy calorie count that doesn’t quite reach quadruple figures at 820.

Fans of BPI Sports interested in grabbing Bulk Muscle XL will have two tastes to choose from when the supplement eventually arrives with Chocolate and Vanilla. The hefty gainer is going to be available in an equally large size with a 15lb bag packing a total of 32 servings.