Gold Standard releases a Cheeky Piri Piri Chicken Pot O Gold meal

gold standard nutrition cheeky piri piri chicken

Gold Standard Nutrition has just expanded its extensive Pot O Gold, protein meal menu with its impressive eleventh flavor. The UK based brand’s newest Pot O Gold is another chicken themed recipe which is something it already has plenty of with the likes of Satay Chicken, Chicken Curry, and its bestseller, Breaded Chicken Katsu Curry.

Now available from Gold Standard Nutrition is the Cheeky Piri Piri Chicken Pot O Gold featuring marinated chicken, spicy rice, onions, red peppers, peas, jalapeno, a pinch of lime, and classic piri piri heat. The nutrition profile on the convenient heat and eat meal is 29.4g of protein, 36.7g of carbohydrates, 1.29g of fat, and a total of 274 calories.

Gold Standard Nutrition’s all-new Cheeky Piri Piri Chicken is now available to order from its website alongside its other ten Pot O Gold protein meals for as low as £2.74 (3.42 USD) per pot.