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Vote now in the competitive quarterfinals of the first Clash Of The Cans

clash of the cans

After a huge first round in our Clash Of The Cans competition which saw thousands of votes flood in, we have our 16 quarterfinalists. Overall, it is a heavily competitive group of products that should make for a pretty intense quarterfinal that has us even more excited to see what four energy drinks make it to the semifinals.

The way the Clash Of The Cans quarterfinal is going to work is we’ve taken our top 16 from the first round and split them up into four groups of four. Through until midnight this coming Sunday you can vote once per group, every 24 hours, then the winners from each of those groups will move into the semifinal.

The groups in the Clash Of The Clans quarterfinal include Xtend Energy vs Bang vs Red Bull vs Celsius Live Fit, and Raze vs ‘Merica Energy vs Kill Cliff Ignite vs NOS Energy. The other two groups are C4 Carbonated vs Alani Nu Energy vs Reign vs Rockstar Xdurance, and Monster Ultra vs 3D Energy vs Lit On-The-Go vs Optimum AmiNO Energy.

Just like the first round, you can get your votes in for Clash Of The Cans quarterfinals through the website

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