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Controlled Labs launches Orange Beat for cardiovascular health

controlled labs orange beat

Orange Beat is the newest supplement from the long-running brand Controlled Labs, which falls into the category of overall health. The product brings together a somewhat different combination of ingredients for an equally unique mix of benefits, resulting in a supplement that is unlike any other.

Controlled Labs Orange Beat is primarily a cardiovascular formula aiming to improve your cardiovascular health as well as performance and your VO2 Max. The brand has packed it with a handful of research-backed ingredients including 1.25g of shilajit, half a gram of bergamot orange fruit peel, 50mg of coQ10, and 800mg of New-Gar branded garlic bulb.

controlled labs orange beat

Fans of Controlled Labs that would like to get their hands on its latest innovation, can now grab the cardiovascular formula Orange Beat from its website for $59.99. The product will also be coming to the major online retailer Amazon in the very near future, and with a much better price tag somewhere around the $30 mark.