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EVL upgrades its original stimulant-free LeanMode with probiotics

evl leanmode probiotic

EVL’s stimulant-free supplement LeanMode, was originally designed to be an all-in-one weight loss solution. It features a handful of ingredients you can use every day to help with metabolism, appetite, and mood. Also, since it doesn’t have any stimulants, it can be used alongside stimulant products like pre-workouts.

An all-new version of EVL’s LeanMode has now been announced, and it takes the supplement’s intentions one step further. LeanMode + Probiotic is an upcoming spin-off of the brand’s fat burner that brings together everything from the original and combines it with a variety of probiotics to support digestive health.

evl leanmode probiotic

EVL has packed LeanMode + Probiotic with a strong 15 billion CFU of probiotics and as mentioned, all of the ingredients from the regular LeanMode. That includes half a gram each of green coffee bean, acetyl-l-carnitine, CLA, and garcinia cambogia, and 250mg of green tea leaf.

LeanMode + Probiotic is going to be available in a couple of weeks, which should see it arrive somewhere in the beginning of next month. The product is going to launch through EVL’s retail partner in capsule form with ten more servings than the regular size of original LeanMode at a total of 40.