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Furious Pete wants to make pooping fun again with his new Essential Poop

furious formulations essential poop

Furious Pete’s brand Furious Formulations is no stranger to creative and unique products in the area of both supplements and supplement flavors. This week the brand has dropped another interesting product that sees Furious Formulations put a creative spin on a type of supplement we have seen several times before.

The newest release from Furious Pete is for his straightforward, essential line of products with Essential Poop, featuring a poop emoji themed label. As you could probably tell, the supplement revolves around poop or more specifically digestion, providing support for bowel movements, colon cleansing, and digestion discomfort and health.

furious formulations essential poop

Regarding ingredients, Furious Formulations Essential Poop comes with a combination of probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes that are said to start working within 30 minutes. Highlights from its formula include a 4 billion CFU probiotic blend, black pepper to improve absorption, and a blend of enzymes featuring protease, amylase, lipase.

Furious Pete and Furious Formulations intend to make pooping fun again with their all-new Essential Poop, which can now be purchased directly from The digestive health supplement will cost you a very reasonable $19.99 per bottle, with each bottle packing the usual amount of 30 servings.