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Gripp unveils Gripp Fit featuring BCAAs, zero sugar and 300mg of caffeine

gripp fit energy drink

Gripp is a beverage brand with an awesomely packaged line of lightly carbonated energy drinks that come in grenade shaped bottles. Gripp has ten different products available for the growing energy drink category, including two sugar-free flavors with Ultra Orange and Pink Grapefruit, packing 175mg of caffeine.

This week Gripp has announced that it is getting ready to introduce a completely new beverage to the market with the Gripp Fit energy drink. The product will come in a can instead of the grenade bottle, and be powered by a slightly different set of ingredients.

While we haven’t seen the complete formula behind the upcoming Gripp Fit energy drink, we do know it’ll contain BCAAs. It is of course also going to have caffeine, although at a much higher dose than any of Gripp’s other products. Gripp Fit will actually have twice as much caffeine as the brand’s original drink at a strong 300mg.

Gripp has said its new energy drink is going to be available in stores soon, and it doesn’t look like fans will be short on flavor options either. The Gripp Fit energy drink is set to hit the market in five different zero sugar flavors with Forbidden Blue, Peach Mango, Green Apple, Cherry Berry, and Polar Berry.

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