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Halo Top and ColourPop unveil their limited, ice cream scented eyeshadows

Halo Top has unveiled its limited-edition summer collaboration with the hugely popular makeup company ColourPop Cosmetics. After teasing the partnership just yesterday, the brand has revealed it has teamed up with ColourPop for a creative series of eyeshadows, all completely themed around its healthy ice cream.

There are four sets of Halo Top ColourPop eyeshadows, each with two super shock shadows. The sets are inspired and themed around popular Halo Top ice cream flavors with Birthday Cake, Rainbow Swirl, Mint Chip, and Strawberry. To make the collaboration even more unique all of the eyeshadows are apparently ice cream scented.

halo top colourpop eyeshadows

Halo Top and ColourPop are launching their limited line of eyeshadows tomorrow morning at 11 AM Eastern Time through ColourPop’s website. You’ll be able to purchase the creatively pint packaged sets individually for $12, or there is the complete collection that comes with all four in an awesome looking box for $40.

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