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Inspired is working on worldwide versions of DVST8 and Ember

inspired international dvst8

Inspired Nutraceuticals has confirmed details on an interesting pair of supplements it’s working on, that are due to be available sooner rather than later. The upcoming products are alternate versions of two of the brand’s best supplements with its legendary pre-workout DVST8 and fat burner Ember.

The two products coming soon from Inspired are new versions of DVST8 and Ember featuring formulas that allow them to be sold all over the world. Internationally compliant supplements are quite rare, as a lot of the time brand’s need to remove certain ingredients or completely reformulate to be sold in different countries.

Inspired’s new DVST8 and Ember are designed so they can be safely sold around the globe, although that isn’t the only key detail we have to share. The brand has revealed as well that both products will be targetting more cost-conscious markets, with their pricing being quite a bit lower than the regular DVST8 and Ember.

Inspired does plan on launching both of its internationally friendly supplements sometime before the end of the year. The more compliant version of DVST8 is also going to be the brand’s next pre-workout to hit the market, which means the highly-anticipated DVST8 BBD is still a while away from release.