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Iron Addicts make its second of three new supplements available

iron addicts swoliosis

Last month CT Fletcher’s Iron Addicts supplement brand returned, unveiling three new products with the pre-workout Sidewalk Kraka, the pump formula Swoliosis, and the amino Sleeve Buster. While the brand unveiled three supplements, initially it only made one of them available in Sidewalk Kraka.

If you liked the look of CT Fletcher’s Iron Addicts pump pre-workout Swoliosis, that product is now available to purchase a little over one month after Sidewalk Kraka hit the market. Fans of the brand can actually stack Swoliosis with Sidewalk Kraka as it is stimulant free and features a different set of ingredients to further enhance pumps.

On its website, Iron Addicts has priced its stimulant free Swoliosis the same as Sidewalk Kraka at $35 for a full 30 serving tub. The supplement comes in just the one flavor at the moment, the same in fact as Sidewalk Kraka with Compton Coolaid, which will make it even easier to use the two alongside one another.

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