Myprotein puts Protein Granola into a cereal box with a new set of flavors

myprotein protein granola

Protein Granola is one of Myprotein’s longer running products, and it is exactly what it sounds like, with a protein-enriched granola mix. Previously you could only purchase the functional food in large tubs, although this week the UK-based brand has introduced a fresh new version.

Myprotein’s tasty Protein Granola now comes in a traditional cereal like box that is a lot smaller than the original with an overall weight of 320g. It is still primarily made with oat flakes, although the nutrition profile on the new and more stylish Protein Granola, is quite a bit different.

There are three flavors available for the updated Myprotein Protein Granola with Almond & Honey, Chocolate, and the fruity recipe, Raspberry & Blackberry. The macros on the Almond & Honey flavor per 40g serving are 8.4g of protein, 19g of carbohydrates, 7.2g of fat, and 182 calories.

Fans of Myprotein familiar with the previous Protein Granola, will notice the new one is a bit more calorie-dense with more carbs and fat, and less protein. If you’d like to give the refreshed product a try, it is in stock now at in all flavors at a reasonable £5.49 (6.84 USD) per box.

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