Myprotein is launching a special edition Impact Whey for 4th Of July

Jul 2nd, 2019
myprotein special edition impact whey isolate

In just two days, Myprotein is going to be doing very similar to a number of other brands and launch a special edition product for the 4th Of July. For now, Myprotein has only shared a mostly covered image of the upcoming release, which shows just enough to give us an idea on what we’re in for.

Based on the brand’s teaser, it looks like it is launching a special edition flavor of its high-quality, whey isolate protein powder that’ll come in an alternatively packaged bag. The only mystery left to be solved that isn’t even slightly viewable in the preview, is what is the name of the limited time flavor.

Fortunately, 4th Of July is only two days away, so it won’t be long until we find out everything about Myprotein’s special edition product. It is also worth mentioning that the limited release is going to be exclusive to the brand’s US website, which makes sense considering it is a 4th Of July launch.