Noway Bar Review: Jelly-like and light flavor, but a bearable no dairy bar

Jul 22nd, 2019

The Noway Bar is a high protein snack from the Australian brand ATP Science, that is not made with the usual sources of protein such as whey or milk. The product is a protein bar powered by gut-friendly hydrolyzed collagen with no artificial colors or flavors and sweetened with the all-natural stevia.

ATP Science’s Noway Bar comes with a reasonably clean nutrition profile packing between 25.7 to 27.5g of protein, 3.2g of carbohydrates or less, 4 to 5.8 of fat, and calories ranging from 153 to 167. Due to the uniqueness of the protein bar, we knew we wanted to get our hands on it for review and find just what a collagen bar is like.

noway bar review


As soon as we cracked open a Noway Bar, we were surprised by its texture and consistency. The product is in fact like a thick block of jelly that is dense but extremely flimsy. It is unlike any other protein snack we’ve had, however, to be fair it is the first primarily, collagen fueled bar we’ve had come through here.

When you get past the strange texture and consistency of the Noway Bar, you will likely be a bit more pleased with the flavor. Before you even bite into the chewy, jelly-like snack, you can smell the name on each of the flavors which are Lemon Curd, Coconut Brownie, and Banana Caramel Pie.

noway bar review

The Lemon Curd Noway Bar is our least favorite of the lot, as it has a extremely light flavor, although still leaves a not so enjoyable, sour aftertaste. The Banana Caramel Pie and Coconut Brownie are much better when it comes to flavor, although while they do deliver on their names and don’t leave a surprise aftertaste, they are still light.

The Banana Caramel Pie Noway Bar packs a noticeable banana flavor that doesn’t really have any caramel taste to it but is bearable nonetheless. As for ATP Science’s Coconut Brownie, you get a subtle yet identifiable chocolate flavor plus the taste and texture of coconut pieces spread throughout the bar.

noway bar review


If you are in the market for a collagen powered protein bar, ATP Science’s Noway Bar does not disappoint. While it is different from your typical bar with its flimsy, jelly, and chewy consistency, it is certainly bearable. It is actually really easy to eat and somewhat enjoyable once you get past that strange consistency.