NTel sends out beta samples of a mysterious and exciting new pre-workout

ntel nutra mystery arez pre-workout

NTel Nutra, the company behind the reputable and hugely popular Arez series of pre-workouts, has shared something extremely mysterious. The brand has sent out a message to a select group of teams or individuals, including ourselves and the likes of Muscle Players and the deal hunters at Fitness Deal News.

“You’re receiving this transmission because you were selected by a very private development agency to beta test our newest creation. You will receive a parcel by way of UPS tomorrow. You are instructed to use this product immediately & take your training to a level that has never before been experienced by mortals.”

Based on what NTel Nutra is saying, it sounds like the brand has put together a new pre-workout, or at least some sort of supplement you take before working out. The product is currently referred to as “B3T4-01”, and we have no details yet about what’s in it, what it tastes like, or what it is designed to do.

If NTel Nutra’s secretive supplement is a pre-workout as we suspect, we have to imagine it’s something special with all of this cryptic and mysterious marketing. It would also mean we’re in for an extremely exciting supplement, as mentioned earlier, NTel is known for reliable and powerful pre-workouts.

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