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Newcomer Obvi sells out of all of its Collagen Protein in just 25 days

obvi collagen protein

Last month we introduced the bright, colorful, and creative new brand Obvi and its simple and clean Collagen Protein, powered of course by hydrolyzed collagen. The brand stood out not just because of its look and marketing, but because it put together only cereal themed flavors for its protein, as opposed to more traditional tastes like chocolate and vanilla.

The reason we have Obvi back in the headlines today is that the still extremely new brand has managed to sell through all of its stock in less than a month after coming to market. Obvi had produced a total of 3,000 units, 1,500 of each of two its Collagen Protein flavors, but ultimately sold out of everything in only 25 days after it launched on June 1st.

For a new brand with just the one supplement and no major ambassadors by its side, selling out in 25 days is quite the achievement. As impressive as that news is, fans of Obvi will be even more pleased to know that its Collagen Protein is going to be back in stock in the coming weeks and is also set to be joined by some new products by the end of summer.

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