Optimum launches an online nutrition course in the United Kingdom

optimum nutrition online nutrition course

In the UK this week, Optimum Nutrition has launched an online nutrition course designed for fitness industry professionals, but open to anyone interested in learning more about nutrition. It is an online, on-demand program, giving you the ability to progress and complete it all at your own pace.

Optimum Nutrition’s online nutrition source consists of ten, 45 minute long modules that each end with a quick multiple-choice exam made up of ten questions. Those that complete the course will be asked to join the brand’s coaches program to receive Optimum Nutrition samples as well as be invited to special events.

You can find more information about Optimum Nutrition’s online nutrition course, available in the UK, through the website learning.optimumnutrition.com. The program costs £99 (123.77 USD) to enroll in and as mentioned, it is a great way to learn more about diet and nutrition.

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