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CBD Liquid Dropper from Axis Labs now comes in a second flavor

axis labs cbd 3000

Ever since introducing its first-ever CBD supplement, Axis Labs has continued to expand in the category with more and more CBD type products. The brand now has CBD supplements in the usual tincture and capsule formats, as well as a topical cream, gummies, and an on-the-go CBD shot.

Axis Labs has recently added another flavor to its straightforward CBD liquid dropper bottle, which previously only came in Peppermint. Joining that original option is a citrusy Orange Creamsicle flavor, and it comes in all four of the brand’s various concentrations with 500mg, 1,000mg, 1,500, and 3,000mg.

If you’d like to give Axis Labs’ new Orange Creamsicle CBD flavor a try, you need to head to its dedicated online store for CBD products at Through there, you can purchase the taste in those four bottle concentrations mentioned above with pricing ranging from $49.95 up to $189.95.

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