Outbreak reveals the formulas behind its focus and sleep CBD products

outbreak nutrition cbd products

Outbreak Nutrition is getting ready to jump into the increasingly popular CBD category with a bunch of products, including two capsule formulas for two very different experiences. The supplements are both a part of the brand’s Chaos By Design Series with their individual names being CBD + Focus and CBD + Sleep.

You can probably tell by the names of the Outbreak Nutrition products what each of them is for with CBD + Focus built to enhance focus and energy, while CBD + Sleep is for deep, restful sleep. Each of the formulas behind the supplements bring together a nice dose of hemp extract and a couple of other ingredients for their title benefits.

Outbreak Nutrition’s CBD + Focus features a combination of 10mg of hemp extract, 300mg of bacopa, and 180mg of the energy increasing caffeine. As for CBD + Sleep it comes with hemp extract at the same 10mg dose as CBD + Focus, along with half a gram of lemon balm, and 3mg of the reliable sleep ingredient melatonin.

Outbreak Nutrition plans on unleashing its first-ever CBD products at the end of this week, both for the same price of $49.99 for a full-size 30 serving bottle.

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