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Apollo RAZE Energy could become permanent if its gets 1,000 likes

apollo raze energy

In time for 4th Of July this year, REPP Sports launched its first-ever and very patriotic themed RAZE Energy flavor called Apollo. The product is still available from a lot of stores and stockists, although the brand has just made an announcement that could see a change to its limited-edition status.

REPP Sports has posted an image on Instagram saying that if it gets 1,000 likes, it will consider making Apollo a permanent RAZE Energy flavor. When we last checked, the post had around 600 likes, so we are well over halfway to the brand’s target, although the product does still have a lot of likes to go.

If you’ve tried the limited edition Apollo RAZE Energy and would like to see it remain in the performance beverage’s lineup, head over to Instagram now and double-tap to like.